5 holiday decoration you'll adore!

Giant Christmas Star Light One of the favorite decors this season is an incredibly attractive, giant Christmas star. This star has to be put together by hand using a number of supplies. These are mostly yard sticks which are easily available at department stores. The sticks are attached together using ...

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5 best book of 2016


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5 super 80's christmas presents

Gift A Red Jacket Remember Michael Jackson’s famous red jacket in his video Thriller in 1983? Every rock and roll wanted that red jacket in the 1980s. The red jacket became the "hottest outerwear fad of the mid-1980s". While Rock stars sport different jackets today, the red jacket ...

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5 Reasons to Keep Watching Gilmore Girls

The Great Music There are many things that make the uber-popular show "Gilmore Girls" worth watching, and its great soundtrack is only one of them. As a theme song the show features a new version of Carole’s King hit "Where You Lead" in which the singer is joined ...

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5 things you should avoid when taking a selfie

The other side of the mirror Why does one take a sellfie when sitting on the toilet? Good question, we still haven't found the answer. However, it's unwise to take one in front of the bathroom mirror. Selfies with animals Many animals shown in selfies are ok. But ...

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