5 things to know before cooking your christmas lunch

Ask If All Are Having a Christmas Lunch Have you offered to cook this year’s Christmas lunch? The first step to start preparing a Christmas lunch is to know how many people would be there. Would everyone come for the lunch? If every one acquiesced, it's wonderful. However, ...

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5 Food Trends in 2017

South-American Inspired Cocktails Move over martinis, and say hello to piscotinis. A piscotini is made with white Pisco and consists of a base of lime juice and syrup. Shake it up and pour it into a Martini glass.. Garnish the drink with pomegranate seeds, kumquats and even quince. Other ...

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5 Gifts The Cook In Your Life ACTUALLY Wants

Baker's Twine Talk about a chef's item that is a must in the kitchen,yet it's always missed out in shopping sprees. Your chef buddy is going to think of you every single time he uses the twine to bind a roast beef or strap a turkey ...

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5 best pizza flavour of all time

Hawaiian pizza flavor. The Hawaiian pizza flavor is an all-time favorite to a majority of people. Hawaiian pizza is a favorite to pineapple lovers since it consists of tender chicken ham plus the succulent and ever sweet pineapple chunks. The pineapples add such delicious, pleasant and unique flavor. Not ...

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